Arturo Jimenez Freelance Graphic Design & Illustration Services
Bread & Butter intro

I can offer a variety of graphic design and illustrative services, it all depends on what you’re looking for and how you want your brand perceived. Creating compelling artwork is a collaborative effort, so I’m here to listen to your ideas and make them a reality. My goal is to deliver quality work while building lasting professional relationships so hmu.

Graphic Design

The Bread

Design appeals to my organized mind, I love the technical work of making everything look clean and primpy. The fun part is the balancing act between function and aesthetics.


The Butter

The more savory side of my work. I incorporate the fundamentals of drawing and advanced digital art techniques to make illustrative work that conveys specific tones/feelings.

See my Services for a detailed list of what I can do for you!

Body of Work Portfolio
Simard Bilodeau Contemporary
Horrell Realtors
Edens Garden
AIGA Orange County
Hollywood Photo Booth
Beyond Meat – Apparel

Why Choose Me?

Everything I make for you is absolutely original. I have a ‘no clipart or recycled graphics’ policy. Also nothing is precious, so changes to my work are always welcomed. I’m here to execute your vision.

I work 7 days a week (pretty much) so that means quick turn around times for you. Also I’m good @ communicating. I’ll read every sentence of your 1,000 word email twice & make sure i’ve checked all your boxes. Plus I keep consistent rates & do my own books so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating fees.

I’m also an award winning designer! I’ve won 3 Orange County Design Awards between 2015-2016, Two for Illustration and one for Web Design.

Finally, you can read more of my story in this 2018 VoyageLA Interview. I talk about my favorite childhood memories, the obstacles I’ve overcome, and a little more about my business!


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
Great advice! But heres an idea, how about instead you appreciate the lemons on their own because lemons are delicious, nutritious, and they cost like $1 a piece at the grocery store so be thankful! Also don’t get me started on why we shouldn’t call junk cars ‘Lemons’ ?