I’m a lot of things, but professionally I’m an artist living in SoCal. You can see all the business-y things that I’d rather put on a résumé on my LinkedIn, this page is more about my influences & interests.

Hoodzpah Hooplah

I was lucky enough to meet Amy Hood at a portfolio review while I was still in school. She liked my work and offered me an internship at Hoodzpah Design, which she co-owns with her twin sister Jen Hood. Ever since they’ve helped me grow as a designer and illustrator, under their mentorship I’ve learned valuable lessons on not just being an artist but also running a successful client based business.


I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cal State Fullerton with a double concentration in Graphic Design & Illustration. These two creative fields have overlapped in almost every design project I’ve ever worked on so that extra time in college proved to be pretty lucrative. Here you can see how I display my diploma, flanked by Hulk Hands to symbolize how having it makes me feel.

Better Half

My Girlfriend of almost 3 years, Monica is the light of my life. She motivates me to be healthy and happy; & I do my best to make her laugh. She teaches me about feminism and stimulates me intellectually; while I draw her silly pictures of us for her iPhone background (like this one). What i’m trying to say is she gives me so much and i love her for it ♥.


My fav pastime is playing video games, sometimes competitive other times for the campaign. I love to be immersed in a story and gaming can be like a 40 hour Netflix binge that you get to control. I play Overwatch on my Xbox often, add me & we can make a good team comp; Gamer Tag: hearturo

Beats Me

There was a time when I prolifically made sample based Hip-Hop beats. I pumped the breaks on that artistic outlet a couple years ago to focus on design and illustration but I’m still really proud of the work I made. Listen anytime on my SoundCloud page.

Father stretch my hands

Dearly Departed

Kevin is my cousin but I know him better as my little brother. I’m almost 8 years older than him so I mentored and supported him as he came of age. He is the strongest person i’ve ever met and was always the brightest smile in the room. He lost his teenage battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in April of 2016 and he’s been my motivation to live life in the pursuit of happiness ever since.


My pup Corona passed away in April of 2017 so I lost another real one again too soon. She kept me company all the time because I work from home often, having her around was so lovely. She was unfortunate enough to be prone to seizures and they were too much for her to handle in the end, but she endured for 5 years. In that time I learned to love a pet as much as I love the rest of my family. 

Mi Familia

My biggest inspirations come from my family. My parents raised me right and instilled an incredible work ethic in me by showing that I can build a nice life for myself and my future family by working hard and living within my means. An enormous thank you to them for giving me the most incredible childhood I could ever ask for. Also shout out to my older brother and little sister for being brilliant people. My older brother paved the way to success by being the first in our generation to get a masters degree and my younger sister is the rebel, inspiring me through her youth and fearlessness. Don’t forget, I do it all for y’all!