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Edens Garden
Contracted by Hoodzpah Design Co.


Services Rendered

  • Packaging Design
  • Photoshop Image Editing
  • Social Media Illustrations

Edens Garden is an ecommerce company that creates excellent 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. With a catalog of over 150 oils and blends in multiple sizes, they offer a full spectrum for any and every preference. With my great gig at Hoodzpah Design I happily created the product mockups for the Single Oil line, their Synergy Blends, their Carrier Oils line, and their OK For Kids set. I made the bottle mockups digitally so every image is almost exactly the same with only the label on the bottle changing, it’s great because not every label has to be photographed and I can make changes to the labels quickly if necessary. Below you can see a sample of the hundreds of bottle mockups I systematically designed using some nifty techniques in Photoshop for consistency. You’ll see I’ve made mockups for different oils in various sizes 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 100ml, their roll-on bottles and their gift sets as well. Apart from that, Edens Garden has a huge base of loyal customers who follow them online, as a thank you to them EG writes DIY tips, oil blends for different occasion, and some downloadable freebies. I was lucky to illustrate a few of their monthly blog / social media desktop calendars, people can download these and use them to replace their desktop backgrounds from month to month. Check out their products, they can be incredibly therapeutic diffused in the air or diluted on their skin. I fell in love with their line of lemon scents, but I’m a sucker for lemon stuff.

Product Mockups

Edens Garden Hydrosol Mockups
Edens Garden Hydrosol Browser
Edens Garden Step By Step Mockups
Edens Garden Group Mockups
Edens Garden Single Item Browser
Edens Garden All Oils Browser
Edens Garden 32 Set Synergy Blends 2017
Edens Garden 2 Set 2017
Edens Garden 6 Fruit Set 2017
Edens Garden Multiple Bottle Mockups

Desktop Calendar Illustrations

Edens Garden Desktop Calendar February
Edens Garden February Calendar Wallpaper
Edens Garden Desktop Calendar March
Edens Garden March Calendar Wallpaper
Edens Garden Desktop Calendar April
Edens Garden April Calendar Wallpaper