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Horrell Realtors
Family Owned Since 1964


Services Rendered

  • Publication Advertising
  • Direct Mail Sell Sheets

Horrell Realtors is a family owned and run real estate brokerage firm out of Redondo Beach operating since 1964, making it the longest running one in the area. Jay Horrell, the owner and head Realtor is my main point of contact along with his daughter and fellow realtor Jessica Horrell. Following Jessica’s lead and vision, we established the structure and system for their hand out and direct mail postcard/flyer advertisements. Designing sell sheets and mailed assets for them is an absolute pleasure because I get to see the exquisite homes they sell through the lense of their uber talented photographer Jason Horrell. Since 2015 I’ve designed flyers and postcards showcasing; new listings, open houses, ‘sold above asking’ circulars, property info handouts, yearly earning reports, and a few more industry specific collateral pieces. Along with that I’ve also created signage for their properties on the market like ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Lease’ yard signs, and small client keepsakes like branded lip balm. See below for a lot of the six figures and multi-million dollar homes I’ve helped them advertise with the publications I designed.

Post Cards

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Business Cards

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