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Branding & Logo Design

Individual, Small Business, and Corporate Identity Design

Branding and logo design is one of the most in-depth and extensive services I offer because it’s a creative exploration from start to finish. We start with a consultation so I know what you want your brand / logo to represent; beyond it being aesthetically pleasing, your logo should symbolize your company’s values, strengths, and identity. Once we have a clear idea of what it is you’re envisioning, I go to work and create multiple directions of what your logo will be. Through a series of back-and-forths we’ll solidify your logo’s design direction into something you will be happy to champion as the face of your business. Next we would move onto branding; your branding will be a consistent identity for your business that includes your brand’s fonts, styles, colors, etc. all lead by your logo as the anchor. You and I will figure out everywhere your logo will be viewed and brand it to that specific platform so everything works in harmony and represent your business in its best light.

Advertising & Social Media

Unique Advertising Content Designed for Print and the Web

I’ve designed advertising for nationwide companies, traveling business, and local establishments; the constant throughout them all is that on-brand quality content is the key to successful returns. Print advertising calls for engaging new potential customers in ways that are unique to your voice. Social media advertising demands consistent content to satisfy your loyal customers and to remain relevant. I can help you gain traction in both fields with a flexibility to create your adverts on pretty much any platform. I can create ads for your business that can be pushed through your Facebook page and your local circular simultaneously to reach a huge pool of potential customers just as an example, so let’s work together on driving up your traffic and clicks with quality attention grabbing graphics.

Packaging Design

Conception to Completed Packaging for Your Consumer Goods

Good packaging enlightens consumers to the uniqueness of your product and gives it an identity that can’t always be conveyed in the product on its own. Packaging should say everything that your product can’t, it should inform buyers of what sets you apart from the competition, and it should be beautiful so it stands out from the bland. If you have a consumer good that you want to put in it’s best presentation then you must consider investing in well designed packaging. I can work with you from whatever point in the packaging process you’re at; if you have no packaging we can ideate and build it from scratch, if you already have packaging that isn’t working well enough we can improve it to match the quality of your product. I’ll be with you every step of the way from packaging mockups, to final printing to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Editorial & Publication Design

Organizational Layouts for Publications, Blogs, and Promo Materials

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Lovely Layouts Lead To Loyal Readers. If you run or work on a magazine, blog, or periodical, then you know how deceptively difficult good layout is to achieve. Having a mix of written content with pullout quotes, images, adverts, and links can be a strenuous juggling act. Luckily organizing and beautifying long form written content is something I excel at. Strong layouts with knowledge of where to break content apart to make it easier to consume keeps readers attentive and engaged. As long as you provide the written content, I can help you present it effectively and I can provide graphics to supplement your words such as narrative illustrations to accompany your story, icons and badges that attach to descriptive text, designed frames to differentiate your content, and a whole lot more. Let your writing attract and titillate your readership while I worry about the presentation.

Iconography & Pictograms

Custom Designed Sets of Icons, Badges, Avatars, and Symbols

Icons are a very effective form of visual communication and if utilized properly can become valuable brand assets. Having unique icons that match your brand’s look further communicate to users that you value individuality and curation. There are countless generic Icon sets you can buy online but those are widely used and if recognized they’ll make you look like you take shortcuts, like an amatuer. I can design full sets of original icons for your website, app, or promotional material that will match your current branding. They can be as detailed or as simple as you like, their purpose is to establish your brand’s communicative voice. They will be informative as a set but also be able to work on their own if separated, giving you the flexibility to apply them any place you’d like.

Visual Communication

Instructions, Infographics, Annual Reports and Informative Graphics

Visual Communication encompasses a variety of necessary jobs that are the responsibility of brands and influencers to execute in order to inform, educate, and inspire the public. This can be something simple like instructing people on how to build or create your product with a step-by-step visual, like a recipe or a manual. It can also be something much more abstract but equally valuable, like the need to tell a visual story that informs your community/clients/peers of cultural triumphs or systemic problems and everything in between. Visual Comm can also includes the execution of data visualization, which is to show your organization’s statistics as numbers, graphs, charts, benchmarks and comparisons to inform your investors, owners, and stockholders in an annual report. No matter what data you need to communicate visually, I have the tools to bring life and interest to your content in the form of photos, graphics, and illustrations.

Environmental Design

Signage, Banners, Decals, Posters, Floor Plans, Staging & Props

The facade of your business is often the first impression you have on new clientele, so put your best foot forward with environmental design that stylistically matches your branding and quickly communicates what you offer. Signage is critical to attracting foot traffic in areas where your storefront is competing with everyone else in the area, heres where I can help. Together we can plan a strategy to leverage your real estate to its full potential and elevate your company’s visual identity in the process. This service applies to any real world environment that you practice your business, anywhere from your flagship storefront to the staging of your booth at a convention you plan to participate in. I can help by designing assets that draw attention, make for fun photo opportunities, offers deals and discounts, market new product or services, and exemplify what it is you do best; ultimately we’re going to work on maximizing the impact of space and branding to drive up sales.


WordPress Web Design

Custom WordPress Based Web Design & Development

WordPress is a great website platform because it has a huge range of functionality and it makes it easy for you (the owner) to make updates/changes to your website without having to know coding or web design fundamentals. Choosing this service means I will build your WordPress site from scratch, doing all the heavy lifting of installing your theme and customizing to suit your business; or if you already have a WordPress site that needs a facelift I can polish your existing website as well! Then after your site is built I can hand over the reigns to run your site however you like, or I can periodically update it with new content for you whenever you need it.

GIFs & Motion Graphics

Animated GIFs and Videos for the Web

Getting attention on social media is becoming increasingly more difficult, if you want to get noticed consider making your content animated! I can help you make your product/service/content more fun and easily shareable by making it into an animated GIF or video. Facebook now prioritizes video posts in your feed so if you run a Facebook business page and want to get more traction then making your content into video form is the smartest way to go. Utilizing motion graphics in your online content adds a layer of depth and whimsy that goes far beyond a static image. People gravitate towards moving content on their social media feeds both because it’s more visually interesting and it’s easy to consume. A video with moving text over it is easier to read than a written article because the information is presented to you at a pace that makes it engaging and the info is concise. Alternatively, an animated GIF can make a product post much more informative than a static image. You can show various angles, different settings, and price points in one easy to consume post. Take a look at your current social feed and you’ll see how important moving content is now, you gotta get in on this.

Photoshop Image Editing

Detailed Photoshop Retouching & Manipulation

It is essential for everyone to have crisp and eye catching photos to promote their business & I can help put your business in the best light by editing and retouching your product/venue/service photos to make them sparkle in your ads and on social media. I can crop out a subject from their backgrounds to isolate only what you want, I can color correct photos to make drab desaturated images sing, & I can even make photos taken on your iPhone look professionally shot! Just let me know what you need your images to be and you got it.

Art For Apparel & Accessories

Art & Designs for T-shirts, Pins, Patches etc.

How many of us can say that we don’t clamor over free t-shirts wherever they’re offered? Not many have that much self control, people love swag. I can design custom merchandise for you or your business, anything from t-shirts to enamel pins ~trendy~ and everything in between. T-shirts and apparel are staples in brand merchandising because they’re useful to everyone, but enamel pins are also a great piece of merch because it’s one-size-fits all and people love to post pics of their pins on social media. Heres some other merch you can branch out to if you want something even more unique: prints and posters, patches for denim, mugs and ceramics, stickers and decals, iPhone accessories, throw pillows, buttons and keychains, just to name a few. The rights to the artwork/designs are yours after we’ve finished so you can reuse, reprint, and re-manufacture to your hearts content. I can even link you with some affordable vendors to manufacture your merchandise after we’ve established your design.

Product Photography

Product Photography & Mockups for Ecommerce Websites

Selling products online on your own Ecommerce website and on Amazon/eBay/etc. calls for high resolution photography and editing. This service entails me taking, editing, then delivering high-res photos of the products you mean to sell. This includes various angles, in and outside of its packaging, staged in a scene or on a crisp white background, really any way else your envision your product being presented. I can even create digital mockups of your product’s labeling and packaging in case you’re not ready to produce tangible products yet! This option can save you big money as you will have digitally produced images of how your products will look like when it’s ready to sell before you go into the expensive process of manufacturing.

Custom Snapchat Geofilters

Unique Snapchat Geofilters for Parties/Events

Snapchat is huge with the youths right now and you can capitalize on that with unique branding opportunities inside the app itself. If you’re planning a party or event and want to increase the reach of your content then Snapchat Geofilters are an easy and fun way to do it! This service provides you with a custom temporary Snapchat filter that is accessible by anyone using the app in your target area. The way it works is you let me know when and where your event is and what you’d like your Geofilter design to look like; this can be as simple as a logo and a small message or as elaborate as a custom illustration that supplements the theme of your party/event. Next, I design it with your input and when you’re happy with the results you follow the simple uploading prompts on regarding the location and times you’d like your filter to be live at in the Snapchat app and that’s it! Once your filter goes live anyone in the area you drew out, anyone can use it in their own snapchat selfies and videos which extends the reach of your branding beyond just the people that attended you party! Disclaimer: Snapchat has to approve the design after it’s submitted to make sure it fits in with their legal guidelines, also they will charge you a fee depending on the size of the area you’d like your filter to be accessible, but the fee is normally light.

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